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Postal Codes Analytics

Have a list of postal codes with you and wondering how they are distributed geographically?

You can easily visualize them on the map with Geolytics, with two simple steps.

Here are 553 United Kingdom postal codes in an Excel file (Download it here).

The video below use them as an example to illustrate how this is done. However, this is NOT limited to UK only.

Step 1. Get the geocodes (Latitude and Longitude) for each postal code you have. You will need the help of an Excel geocoder, which can be downloaded from This Page this page.

Step 2. Fill up the Geolytics location upload template (downloaded from This Page) and upload it to Geolytics.

A 2-minute video tutorial on Postal Codes Analytics.

Now you can look at the distribution of the postal codes and view them in cluster view, heat map view, or change the pins. Just simple as that.

Below is an result of the created map


Cluster map


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