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Customized Map Markers

Map markers or pins are used to mark out locations on the map. In Geolytics, the default map marker for a location is a red tear-drop shape. Many times, you may want to change it to something more meaningful to represent locations with different meanings.

Geolytics offers close to pre-defined 200 icons for marker customisation. Below are some examples.

Change icon 1 v2

To find the perfect icon, you can type keywords in the search box, and related icons will show up instantly. Below shows the results for transport related.

Change icon 3

Here is another on business.

Change icon 4

And another on stores.

Change icon 5

In addition, you can upload your own images and use them as marker icons (Not available under FREE plan).

Image icon 1

Clicking the red plus button will bring to a page where new images can be uploaded and existing images can be removed.

Image icon 2

You can change the colors of the markers from the color picker.

Change icon color v2

Combined with Auto Scale, you can make insightful visuals as the example below, which visualize the population of the U.S. by states.

Change icon example

Markers can be customized at layer level or individually. To change marker icons at layer level, click "change icon" at layer menu.

Change icon layer

To do it for a particular marker, simply click the marker and choose "change icon".

Change icon marker

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