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Getting around geocoding limits

Geocode information is optional when uploading data to Geolytics for less than 100 lines of records. For more than 100 records, it is a requirement to provide latitude and longitude information.

This is because there are a limited of geocoding requests Geolytics can accept every hour. When you happen to be using Geolytics while many others are also doing the same, the addresses you uploaded may not be geocoded.

When it happens, the uploaded locations will be dropped in the Atlantic ocean somewhere off West Africa coast, a place where both latitude and longitude is zero.

Using an Excel tool for geocoding

But how to obtain the geocodes of locations? Everyone has their own methods.

Here, we want to share with you our favourite method. Introducing Excel Geocoding tool, an awesome Excel tool for obtaining latitudes and longitudes, which can be downloaded from excelgeocodingtool.com. You can also download the tool directly from here.

With this tool, you can geocode thousands of addresses in no time. Here are the how-to steps:

  1. Follow the steps in this page to register a Bing Map key
  2. Download the Excel tool from here, open it and enable Marco. Is it safe? You might ask. We did it, and everything was OK.
  3. Fill in the Bing Map key you created at step 1.
  4. Provide a proxy if necessary. (Optional)
  5. Go to Geocode tab and put all the addresses you need to geocode in the Location column
  6. Click Geocode all addresses button to start geocoding. There is a progress bar indicating how far it has gone.
  7. Copy and paste the latitudes and longitudes information to Geolytics template for upload.

It took us less than 5 minutes to geocode close to 3000 locations. We hope this will work for you too!

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