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frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. I had attempted to upload my excel spreadsheet but I always receive an error message saying it was not the correct format. How to resolve this?
    For location layer, bubble layer and network layer, there are specific templates that need to be uploaded. Please make sure you are using the correct templates.
  2. I only have postal codes. Can I use Geolytics for mapping?
    Yes. You can fill up the location upload templates and create a location layer and upload that template to the layer. Please also fill up the country column in the template as it is a required field. For more details, please see Postal code Analytics page.
  3. Can I upload multiple times into the same layer?
    Yes, you can. Just be mindful that too many items on one map will slow down the speed of the map.
  4. I accidentally uploaded the same data twice. Can I undo an upload?
    Unfortunately there is no way to undo an upload. What you can do is deleting the affected layer and re-create that layer again. If you already have all locations in the template, it shouldn't take much time.
  5. Can I export the map I created?
    Unfortunately export function is not available as of now. What you can do is to take a screenshot of the map and insert it into your document or powerpoint. When taking a screenshot, it could be very helpful by going into the full screen mode and take a large map as screenshot.
  6. How can I add legends or keys to the map?
    Unfortunately this is not available as of now. You will need to create that manually.
  7. What’s the usage limits of Geolytics?
    For each upload, there is a limit of 5000 locations. If there are more than 100 records in the upload template, Lat and Lng informaiton are required.
  8. Is Geolytics absolutely free?
    Yes, as of now. In the future, to make this tool sustainable, we might plan to add some premium features with subscriptions.
  9. Is there a way to change the density in the heatmap setting?
    Unfortunately this is not available yet. We do plan to add this feature in the future.
  10. I have more than 100 locations. How I can upload these into Geolytics?
    You can follow the video guide on how to get started with Geolytics on the help page. Do take note that for more than 100 records, Lat and Lng information are required. If the number of records is less than 100, Geolytics can geocode the locations according to address, postal and country information provided. For more details, please see Postal code Analytics page.
  11. Is there a way to change the colour and size of all pins, instead of changing them one by one?
    Yes. Please refer to location layer.
  12. Geolytics is so slow. Is there a way to make it faster?
    There could be multiple reasons causing Geolytics to be slow. One reason could be that there are too many items on the map. If there are more than 1000 locations or bubbles or lines, any actions on the map could be slow due to browser running javascripts required to display on the map.
  13. Can I create a heatmap that with each location with different weight?
    Yes, weighted heatmap is supported by Geolytics. Please see Heat Map page for more info.

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