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Enhance your insights into spreadsheet data by putting them on the map. Get a whole new context and perspective.

Use map as a communication tool for establishing common understanding on current situation and where to go. Discover new understandings and communicate more effectively.

Geographical analysis has been largely missing from traditional analytics tools. Geolytics fills the gap by providing an easy to use tool for everyone.

Geolytics is a free Google map tool that allows you to make your own customized maps. You can mark multiple locations, draw lines, roads, circles. You can do it manually, or do it via Excel upload. When you do it via Excel upload, it turns your location based data in Excel files into dots, networks, circles, and other shapes on the map. You will be able to see your data from a totally new perspective. New insights, new aha moments!

With Geolytics, you can

  1. put multiple points on the map
  2. see your locations in dynamic clusters
  3. create bubble maps
  4. create network maps
  5. create location heatmaps

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Why Geolytics

You can draw multiple lines among multiple locations on the map

You can put multiple locations on the map

You can see your location based data in a new perspective, which gives you new insights and new aha moments!

How to get started with Geolytics

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Many great companies use Geolytics

here are a few
Db schenker
Royal mail
Sofa logo
Uni sussex
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