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Getting around geocoding limits

Everyone is different. Everyone has unique needs. The videos here are for selp help. If you still a specific problem, don't hesitate to send us a note. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Create a bubble map to see the largest cities on Earth

Create AirAsia's flight network in 1 minute

Change location pin/icon and color

Re-geocode to fix geocoding errors

What you can do with Geolytics now?

here are features available right now on Geolytics

Show multiple layers with checkboxes to display and hide
Two layer
Weighted heatmap
Cluster Map
create and share maps
bubble map / radius map
network map
location map

Helpful tips

Getting around geocoding limits

There are a limited of geocoding requests Geolytics can accept every hour. When you happen to use Geolytics while many others are also using, the addresses you uploaded may not be geocoded correctly.

You can get around this problem by geocoding your addresses and fill in the latitude and longitude columns in Geolytics upload template. The plotting process will be much faster. For geocoding address, we recommend Excel Geocoding tool, with which you can batch multiple addresses easily. You can also download the tool directly from here.

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